Sushi Koto

Hands down, the best poke bowl!  Came here for the Super Bowl combo several times during my lunch break, the quality always consistent, and the presentation always beautiful.  The meal comes with salad, miso soup, the super bowl, and house dessert.



The bowl comes with an assortment of raw fishes with the center piece being either Ebi (sweet shrimp) or Unni (sea urchin).  There’re also different types of fish roes, I’m not sure what the different types are unfortunately.  The dish is very fresh.  There are cute Japanese old folks eating around you to make the experience more authentic.   Come early to stay ahead of the professional lunch crowd.


Make sure you ask for the shrimp head fried.  It makes such a difference, the sauce that it comes with complements the dish very well.


The meal is completed with a refreshingly light desert, it was different every time that I came here.  Shown in the picture is a mango mousse.  No detail is forgotten, on top of the mousse are these crispy rice balls that adds texture to the dish, with a light whipped cream, and mint leaves.  A lot of thoughts are placed into these little bowls of joy, and they are greatly appreciated.

As always, Eat well and Live well!


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