Pizzeria Ortica

Pizzeria Ortica is nestled in between the bustling south coast plaza and orange county performing art center.  When entering the restaurant you are greeted with the open kitchen to your right, and a nice long hall way of rustic modern decor.  The pizza doughs are freshly made and tossed for your viewing pleasure.

To start our night, we had one of my favorite dishes, the Prosciutto di Parma con pere e burrata, melt in your mouth prosciutto topped with fresh arugula mixed with the softest  Burrata cheese, balance by the sweetness from poached persimmons.  This dish is a delight to your palate and a must when you are here.

The next was a the roasted vegetables from the salad menu, though the ingredients are fresh and well made, it was a rather bland dish.

For main course, we had the Pappardelle pasta tossed with lamb ragu and the Salciccia pizza.  The lamb ragu is a nice rich dish.  The homemade pasta mixed with tender lamb rested on a bed of melted milk ricotta was definitely satisfying. Yum….I can still taste it in my mouth.  The Salciccia pizza was made with home made spicy sausage with a nice kick.  They are both very rich dishes, I would recommend mixing a light dish with these heavier ones.

Finally, our favorite part of the night and unfortunately we were too busy devouring it and forget to take a picture. But just trust me, it’s superb.  Though their classic dessert is Budino di Cioccolato a cute little jar containing chocolate mousse and caramel, we tried the Torta di cioccolato which is their version of the chocolate tart.  It was topped with home made vanilla icecream which is very smooth and creamy in texture.  Again, they did an amazing job pleasing the five tastes.  The toasted macadamia nut offer a salty crunch and the orange zest on the tart offers a nice hint of citrus flavor.